Sunday, 20 February 2011

lino workshop

For many months now I have been looking forward to going to Cambridge Botanical Gardens for a weekend workshop of lino printing. The focus of the weekend was to be on the orchid flowers, and Yvonne Bartlett a local printer led the workshop. The aim was to produce a reduction print, the concept of which I have read about and had described to me.

It is not until you try to do it that really can understand the process, only now do I feel that I can tackle a reduction print at home. I had to revise my ideas at several points during both the preparation and the execution of my piece. I tried to keep things simple. I stuck to three colours. I think I finally understand how to register the prints.

It was great fun and the group produced some fabulous and very diverse work. I have learnt loads. Below is the final output.

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  1. Hi Rhiannon, good to hear from you! I love your iris lino print - I looked at that course but decided I must just concentrate on my Curwen one! You obviously had great fun. I wonder how Anne is getting on with her building work.I hope she does another course sometime. Look forward to seeing you at COS.