Wednesday, 27 October 2010


I thought I would share some of the output from my short printing course. These are the collographs that I produced, to make the plates I used two different methods and they have created very different results.

The blue landscape was created using a variety of textures glued to a cardboard backing a sort of classic collograph. I put far to much ink
on the first one but as it passed through a couple of times the effect of the surfaces appeared far more detailed.

The sort of dandelion looking plant was created using tape I love this method and want to do it again but that means getting access to a printing press, so that will be a tall order. I think it has a very unpredictable and loose feel that makes me want to explore this more.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

New beginings?

I have decided to start a sort of sister blog.

I thought it might make some sense to separate out some of the art themes that have been appearing on the other blog. So what will I put on here then? I thought I might put some of the competition images for the photo club or the output from my printing course. I might blog about some of the craft projects or suggestions from the cyber world that I chose to be involved with. Or discuss some of the visits to galleries etc that I make.

I know that the posts are likely to be sporadic but I hope it will be fun.